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Our very popular Ranger Handbook app on that other store is now here. The Official US Army Ranger Handbook (SH 21-76) app covers the critical US Army Ranger skills taught in the Army Ranger Course. Use it as a quick reference or as the perfect study companion that can fit in your pocket!

The material in this app is sourced from Army SH 21-76 (Ranger Handbook) published by the Ranger Training Brigade, US Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia. carefully reformatted the US Army Ranger handbook for easy readability on a mobile device. Our M-Training System software also provides a SUPERIOR USER EXPERIENCE. This app covers a wide range of Ranger skills such as:

1. Leadership
2. Operations
3. Fire Support
4. Movement
5. Patrols
6. Battle Drills
7. Communications
8. Army Aviation
9. Waterborne Operations
10. Military Mountaineering
11. Evasion/Survival
12. First Aid
13. Demolitions
14. Ranger Urban Operations
15. Vehicle Convoy Operations

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