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Do you love great ART? Do you love facts, lists and trivia? Do you love great buildings and architecture? If so, you'll love this App. It is simply a collection of great lists, stories, articles and facts about every aspect of art. There is tons of information to read and enjoy! There are NO ADs in this app!
Michelangelo and the Medici
Angkor Wat History
Famous Western Artists
Marble Collecting in America
The Art of the Vatican
100 Most Beautiful Cars
Must-Sees at the Louvre
The Church of the Nativity
Most Amazing Stained Glassed Windows
World's Most Beautiful Bridges
The Rosetta Stone
Historic Castle Hotels
Rebuilding the Titanic
Best Art Schools
Neanderthal Cave Painting
Apple's Sir Jonathan Ive
Picasso's Most Famous Works
The Art of Cooking
Marble Sculpting Basics
Most Important Painters Of All Time
Van Gogh's Ear
Renaissance Timeline
An Introduction to Sculpture
Michelangelo's David
Must See Museums In Chicago
Hidden Art of Afghanistan
......and much much more
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