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The Bible is the best gift that God gave to man. In order to help the saints enjoy and be constituted with the word of God anywhere and at any time, Taiwan Gospel Book Room has developed the Audio Bible App, designed specifically for Android smartphones and Android tablets and with the view to helping the saints receive the supply and nourishment from the word of God continually and redeem the time by listening through the Bible once in 100 hours.

This app is easy to use and has very good sound quality. Its content includes the audio of the entire Chinese Holy Bible Recovery Version (78 hours of reading through the 929 chapters of the Old Testament and 28 hours of the 260 chapters of the New Testament, with a total of 106 hours of reading through 1,189 chapters).

Note: This app works only when device is connected to the internet. There are four selection icons on the play screen: “Previous”, “Play/Pause”, “Stop”, and “Next”. When you are done listening, please use the “Stop” icon to stop the app to prevent the app from continuing running in the background and taking up memory space.

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