Basics of law



Course of lectures on law for universities and colleges. Well-read by a special technique developed to improve the digestibility of the material and increase the comfort of learning. The course is based on the program for higher educational institutions of Russia. Contents of the CD: 1. The concept and definition of law. 2. The rule of law. 3. Sources of law. 4. The system of law. 5. Relationships (concept, features, content). 6. Relationship (the base occurrence and termination). 7. Making the right (the form to the right) 8. Law and order. 9. Offense (a definition of the crime). 10. Legal liability. 11. The right and men. 12. State (definition, function, modalities). 13. The shape of the state. 14. Contract (concept, meaning, content). 15. Contract (form, interpretation). 16. Conclusion of contracts (order, contract bids.) This audiobook in Russian. 17.Zaklyuchenie contracts mandatory. 18.Klassifikatsiya ownership. 19.Zaschita and protection of property rights. 20.Osuschestvlenie rights through a representative.

Tags: основа права на андроид , contract form , основы права