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Whatever the reason you had for picking up these pages, to learn more about fishing, and game fishing, specifically with an all-time angling favorite embedded in the aptly titled: Bass Fishing Guaranteed Catch, you are sure to find a quenching reprieve. Still your thirst for knowledge and any bass fishing pursuit, challenge or battle, you will or might face in your lifetime, right here. There is something for everyone in this book!

Here’s what you can learn inside this guide:

What Are We Fishing For Again? The Target: (‘Bass’) Defined
Introduction - Knowing And Going Where The Bass Are
The Basics Of Bass Fishing – An Overview
Tools Of The Trade: Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures And Baits (All About Plastics, Spinners, Crank And Others- Top-Water And Specialty Lures)
Water, Weather, Timing And Other Environmental Aspect, Facets And Considerations For Bass Fishing
Techniques For Bass Fishing Like A Pro (Worms, Skipping, Ripping, Drift Trolling, Flyrodding)
Mistakes And Secrets Related to Bass Fishing
Styles And Specialty Bass Fishing
Final Thoughts: Summary and Conclusions

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