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Table of Contents

Diets: Popular Diets | Who's on Which Diet? | Cleansing Recipes

Healthy diet: Dietary Choices | Eating | Dieting

Nutrition: Overview | History | Nutrients | Amino acids | Vitamins | Fatty acids | Sugars | Intestinal bacterial flora | Phytochemicals | Longevity | Industry and food processing

Guidelines for Nutrient Consumption: Calorie | Traditional Food Pyramid | MyPyramid | Serving size | Reference Daily Intake | Dietary Reference Intake | Food labeling | Nutritional Facts Panel | Glycemic index

Essential nutrients: Vitamins: History | Human vitamins | Nutrition | Deficiencies | Overdose | Supplements | Minerals: Bulk | Trace | Food sources

Appetite: Regulation | Effector | Sensor | Role in disease | Pharmacology

Food allergy: Signs and symptoms | The Big Eight | Diagnosis | Pathophysiology | Causes | Treatment | Statistics | Differing views | In children | Labeling laws

Eating disorders: Binge eating disorder | Anorexia nervosa | Bulimia nervosa | Night eating syndrome | Eating disorder not otherwise specified | Fast food | Junk food | Obesity | Childhood obesity

Food: Food groups | Vegetable | Meat | Fruit | Cereal

Popular Diets (A-Z): Abs Diet, Atkins Nutritional Approach: Atkins Diet Cooking, Best Bet Diet, Blood type diet, Body for Life, Cabbage soup diet, Detox diet, Diabetic diet, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, Dr. Hay diet, Fatfield Diet, Feingold diet, G.I. Diet, Gerson diet, Gluten-free, casein-free diet, GM Diet, Hallelujah diet, Healthy diet, High protein diet, Jenny Craig, Joel Fuhrman, Kashrut, Ketogenic diet, Lacto vegetarianism, Lacto-ovo vegetarianism, Low-calorie diet, Low-carbohydrate diet, Macrobiotic diet, Master Cleanse, Warrior Diet, Medifast Diet, Mediterranean diet, and many more...

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