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    In a world with more than 33,000 Christian religions, it is only fair that you ask yourself some time: where to go? The question becomes even more profound when we consider that all these thousands of Christian religions derive from a single book. The Bible. That\'s why the "Bible Study The Way" is a study guide to allow you to study the scriptures and discover the answers that are so important to your life. Answers that surely will help you to walk the path of life by the better road. However, as with everything in life, the best way is not always the easiest. So many people give up studying the Bible with fear of not understanding it correctly. This application aims to help you navigate firmly by the word of God. Its major goal is guide you until you find: The Way.

    Available language English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese.
    Bible NIV, Louis Segond and Union Version.

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