Biblical Unit Conversion S.E.

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    Biblical Unit Conversion Special Edition

    When we read our Bible, oftentimes we run across some obscure measurement that we aren't quite familiar with. Sure, when we read the parable of the talents, we think, 10 talents must be a lot of money. However, you probably had no idea that 10 talents corresponds to approximately $126,000 USD*?

    After scavenging the internet for whatever resources could be found on ancient to modern conversions, I have compiled together a simple calculator that will convert all those pesky, unheard of units of measurement to ones that are commonly used today! While this converter will not give completely precise and accurate values for ancient to modern conversions, it can give you a solid idea of how ancient measurements may correspond to today's modern measurements.


    -The most Robust Biblical Unit Converter on the market!

    -Special Edition includes an interesting caption for each conversion that is invaluable during Biblical studies. These captions include information about the origin of each unit of measurement plus references to where these units can be found in the Bible.

    -Easy to use interface

    -Special Edition Two more conversion categories than the LITE Version

    -Contains five conversion categories: Length, Weight, Currency, Time, Dry Measure Volume, Liquid Measure Volume and Months/Seasons.

    -Frequent updates

    -New conversions and Feautures added upon request, simply email us!

    *Estimate is based on 2005 estimates of the Roman Denarius to USD. One Talent is estimated to be worth 600 Denarii. A Denarius has been estimated to be $21 USD as of 2005. All monetary estimates (with the exception of the Deric, which I was forced to estimate based on its gold content) are based against the Roman Denarius. In other words, if you happen to come across one of these coins, it is probably worth a whole lot more than what this calculator will say its worth. This calculator shows what past currency may have been worth in their day if US currency existed back then, not what it is worth today.

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