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Welcome to the Bookigee Books, your one stop shop for a hand-curated selection of the best books on startup life, lean entrepreneurship, business leadership, and technology, as well as an amazing selection of today’s most popular eBooks at the tips of your fingers.

Think of it as your favorite indie bookstore in the palm of your hand—browse for the latest eBooks from major publishers as well as the best of the indie presses, and purchase and read them seamlessly all within the same app.

Explore hand-curated lists, bestsellers, award winners, and books by favorite genres, and filter the entire catalog by your preferred price. Personalize your reading experience with all of the custom display settings, notes, highlights, and bookmarks you’ve come to expect in a great eReader.

No matter how you choose to read, we’ve got you covered! Access all of your titles in your cloud-based library for synched reading on as many platforms and devices as you like including apple, android, and your home computer, your smartphone, your tablet, and everything in between.

Read your way, anywhere, anytime!

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