Candy Shop Cookbook

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    Yes! It is finally here! Best loved candies you can make at home. Need I say more?

    Have you ever dreamed of a candy buffet right there on your own dinner table?
    Have you ever wished you can have your favorite candy without the preservatives?

    Then dream or wish no more, because all you need to know about how to make your favorite candy is here.

    “I’ve always wished my favorite candy bar less sweet. I tried making it with less sugar and its perfect!”
    Jasmin Y.

    “It was intimidating at first but I got the hang of it and I’m enjoying the making candy bars. It’s just awesome.” C. Bailey

    Imagine, awesome bulk candies galore for Christmas or Halloween giveaway, parties, desserts, gift giving. Or just for your “once in a while” treat - without the unknown fats and preservatives and unwanted packaging. Wouldn’t it warm your heart to know you’ve got your own candy factory right there in the fridge, waiting for that special moment alone? Ah yes, candy bar romance can be pretty exciting too.

    Candy Shop Cookbook is a collection of simple recipes on toffee, rock candy, health candy bars, chocolate coated copycat candies and that everyone loves. Oh and did I mention the gummies?

    Any aspiring cook or home maker should be without a collection of candy recipes to go with the easy dessert recipes. Why leave the candy making to the big companies who just love to make everything commercialized and laden with preservatives. Not to mention the use of wrappers that is just not environment friendly. We love candies because it is one of the best comfort food. We associate it with rewards and everything that is good and sweet and well… sugary.

    So take that step and see what amazing candy bars you can do with these easy recipes. They are basic ideas that you can add on. Create desserts that would surprise even you. These candy cooking recipes are easy to follow and the collection may be reused with other ingredients that you may think of. So it is easy to work with if you are thinking of doing a little experiment.

    Really, there is no thinking about it, no need to weigh the pros and cons… It’s a candy cookbook! There is no reason why you should not download this app! It’s a candy cookbook! We’ve practically made up a holiday because of it. Let’s face it, we all used to get dressed up and sometimes look funny all because of candies. So why not make your own candy shop for your own consumption any time you want and how you want it (just adjust the amount of ingredients to fit your taste).

    But if you do need to think about the pros and cons, here it goes…
    Pros- you’d have healthy snacks and treats because the candies you make are devoid of preservatives.
    Cons- you’ll want to make more candies because you’ll want to eat more of them… which is not a bad thing either.
    Pros- you’ll learn how to make toffee, peppermint candies, hard candies, you’ll become a candy expert!
    Cons- You’ll never want to buy pre-packaged candies again, because the ones you make taste way better… which is not a bad thing either.

    So really, just click download and start enjoying. You’ll need to buy a rolling pin and a candy thermometer though, these things are so helpful in candy making.

    Download the awesome Candy Shop Cookbook now and complete your easy cooking recipe collection. This one is bound to be on your list of best recipes.

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