Casino Gambling Guide



Play like a pro. Complete rules, tips, tricks and strategies for every game, including Texas Hold'em. This is the guide Las Vegas hopes you'll never read.

Ever wonder why some people win at casinos and others lose? It's not that Lady Luck has smiled on them, winners have learned the basics of each table game and slot machine in the casino. They've mastered Basic Blackjack Strategy and learned to count cards, discovered those Craps bets having the lowest house advantage, figured out how to calculate pot odds and outs in Texas Hold'em, and learned how to locate the "loosest" slots and video poker machines.

The Casino Gambling Guide covers:
* Blackjack
* Craps
* Roulette
* Seven Card Stud Poker
* Texas Hold'em
* Caribbean Stud Poker
* Pai Gow Poker
* Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat
* Slot Machines
* Video Poker
* Keno
* Bingo
* Wheel of Fortune

Beat the House!