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Vishnugupt Chankya has been a unique great soul of India. Many great souls have imparted the treasure of politics to the human community in India but Chanakya’s contribution in politics and intact India is really quite great. He has greatly advocated the significance of education and he has also proved that only through education, there lies success in politics and in a nation’s all round development. Through education, one can understand politics; and attain success in life and the nation also is fully developed.

Chanakya showed great importance of education and politics in a busy life and to keep the intelligent conscious, he imparted maxims which are knowns as wonderful Chanakyan ethics. Shashtri Swami Suryaprakashji of Bhuj Swaminarayan Mandir has prepared this Apps. by compiling all the maxims in his own language.

This Apps. is to show several solutions for coming troubles and it also displays the way of our behaviour at a proper time. Even saints, great souls and the God insist on reading the maxims of the person like Chanakya, so those who follow this Chanakya Niti in their lives, will certainly attain success.

The God Swaminarayan, in His ethical discourses, many times expounded this Chanakya ethics. The person who reads and broods over this Chanakya Niti attains good chances to be happy in this world and after his death too. Shashtri Swami Suryaprakashji of Bhuj Swaminarayan Mandir famous in the Swaminarayan sect, has prepared this Apps so that all may have advantage of these ethical maxims of Chankya Niti.

This Chankya Niti has been presented in various languages by so many learned people of the world but I have been inspired both by the God Swaminarayan and by my preceptor, so I, too, have attempted myself. The maxims of it are really nectar-like, so this App. can be named as the ‘Spells to be happy’. I hope that through this Apps. many young people of India as well as the world , will learn politics, practicality and religious acts.
This App. will prove to be useful to all like that of Shikshapatri and Vidurniti. By using this App. all will have the blessings of the God Narnarayan Dev, the Acharya Maharajshri and all the saints of Bhuj Swaminarayan Temple.

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