Cheating Husband App



The Cheating Husband App will provide the much needed information a suffering wife would need to overcome the challenges when she realized her husband has been cheating on her.

The app cover topics such as:
1) Cheating men
2) Control emotions
3) Couple counseling
4) Child matters
5) Self healing
6) Moving on

Example of articles included in the app are:
- 4 Tips To Dealing With A Cheating And Deceptive Husband
- 4 Ways To Catch Your Spouse’s Extramarital Affairs In The Office
- How To Restore Your Children’s Trust After An Affair
- How Does The Other Women Capture So Much Attention From My Husband?
- How To Catch A Cheating Husband With Your Senses
- How A Marriage Counselor Could Help Your Marriage
- Moving Beyond Infidelity In A Marriage After Your Partner Has Cheated
- Regaining Trust To Rebuild Marriage Rocked By An Affair
- Husband’s Cheating Images - Tips To Get Them Out Of Your Head
- Should You Forgive Your Husband For Having An Affair?

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