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The Chess covers the basic pieces of chess, before going on to some more advanced topics. FREE Playing The Game chapter in the trial version.


Intended for everyone interested in Chess, particularly for beginners and intermediate students.


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Table of Contents

I. Playing The Game: The Board | King | Knight | Bishop | Rook | Queen | Pawn | Pawn Promotion | Castling | En passant Capture | Initial Position | Conclusion of the Game | Glossary

II. Notating The Game: Algebraic Notation | Ambiguity | Sample Game in Algebraic Notation | Coordinate Notation | ICCF Numerical Notatio

III. Tactics: Guarding | Batteries | The Exchange | Forks and Double Attacks | Pinned Pieces | Skewers | Discoveries | Removing the Defender | Sacrifices | In Between Moves | Tactics Exercises

IV. Strategy: Material | Compensation | Pawn Strategy and Pawn Chains | Tempo | Quality | Initiative | Zugzwang | Combining attack with defense

V. Basic Openings: King's Pawn Opening | Queen's Pawn Openings (closed and semi-closed games) | Other Openings

VI. The Endgame: Basic Checkmates | Minor Piece Checkmates | Pawn Endings | Endgame Studies and Puzzles

VII. Puzzles: Samples Chess Games | Tournaments | Tactics Exercises | Review

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