Chinese Cuisine Recipes



Chinese cuisine is defined by carefully balanced flavors and time-tested techniques that call for maximal preparation before minimal cooking.

Now, you can cook your favour Chinese food (Beef, Seafoods & Vegetables) by yourself.

Try it and learn the techniques.

This book includes:
(B) Beef Balls with Mixed Peels
(B) Beef Brisket in Red Wine Lees
(B) Hot and Spicy Beef Tendon
(B) Lai Harbour Congee
(B) Minced Beef Congee
(Sf) Chiu Chow Style Congee with Pomfret
(Sf) Eel Pieces with Chiu Chow Bean Sauce
(Sf) Fried Crab in Black Bean Sauce
(Sf) Fried Prawns with Long Jin Tea Leaves
(Sf) Fried Squid with Prawn Roe
(V) Chinese Ham With Long Cabbage
(V) Congee with Dace Balls and Lettuce
(V) Conpoy With Black Moss And Dried Oyster
(V) Gizzard Slices with Preserved Mustard Head
(V) Kale with Minced Pork and Preserved Cabbage
(B) Sauteed Beef Cubes with Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
(B) Shin of Beef in Exotic Sauce
(B) Steamed Beef Rolls with Asparagus
(B) Tangy Beef with Sesame Seed
(B) Tangy Shin of Beef
(Sf) Mussels with Shallot
(Sf) Saute Scallop with XO Sauce
(Sf) Seafood Congee with Nori Seaweed
(Sf) Stir fried Chicken Shreds with Jelly Fish
(Sf) Sweet and Sour Prawns
(V) New Shanghai Vegetable Rice
(V) Pumpkin Pudding
(V) Saute Ostrich with Peking Onion
(V) Straw Mushroom in Egg White Sauce
(V) Winter Melon with Fresh Lotus Seed Congee

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