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    5 Christian books; The Screwtape Letters - C S Lewis, Power Through Prayer - E M Bounds, My Utmost For His Highest - Oswald Chambers, Orthodoxy - G K Chesterton and The Desire of Ages - Ellen G White.

    The Screwtape Letters - C S Lewis is classic Christian literature. The book is a series of letters from a senior devil to a junior devil on how to thwart or subvert a Christian's spiritual growth. This book shows that goal of the devil is not necessarily overt sin, but anything that diverts focus away from God and his will. By learning how the devil tries to weaken your Christian belief, you will be better equiped to walk with God.

    If you've ever heard the verse "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." (2 Cor. 11:14 NIV) and wonder what it means, Lewis masterfully illustrates it in this book. If there is one word that sums up the meaning of this verse and the book, it is distraction. Distraction from God toward anything else.

    Power Through Prayer - E M Bounds While this book is written for pastors and other preachers of the gospel, it's a good inspiration to anyone wanting to grow closer to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. "Power Through Prayer" is packed with inspiration and motivation to get you started and to keep you praying.

    Orthodoxy - G K Chesterton This book is Chesterton's defence of orthodox Christianity. It is partly autobiographical, in the sense that Chesterton describes various insights into the nature of reality, and various puzzles about reality, and then shows how (to his astonishment) the Christian faith accounts for the insights and answers the puzzles.

    My Utmost For His Highest - Oswald Chambers is the most used Christian devotional reading other than the Bible itself. For nearly seventy-five years, countless millions of Christians the world over have trusted the spiritual companionship of Oswald Chambers's daily devotional. These brief scripture-based readings--by turns comforting and challenging--will draw you into God's presence and form you as a disciple of the Lord. You'll treasure their insight, still fresh and vital. And you'll discover what it means to offer God your very best for His greatest purpose--to truly offer Him your utmost for His highest.

    The Desire of Ages - Ellen G White. There's a reason why the Library of Congress holds this as their best book on the life of Christ. This book is a reflection of the life of Jesus and will rev up your spiritual life and will bring you closer to God. Yes, it's that amazing! The Bible verses are noted at the beginning of each chapter so you can read the story in the Bible and then read what Ellen G. White has to say about it.

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