Classic Christmas Tales

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    Christmas is coming. Download the app and read some beautiful Christmas tale s.


    Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse - Charles Dickens
    The Fir-Tree - Hans Christian Andersen
    The Christmas Masquerade - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
    The Shepherds and the Angels - Adapted from the Bills
    The Telltale Tile - Olive Thorne Miller
    Little Girl's Christmas - By Winnifred E. Lincoln
    A Christmas Matinee - M.A.L. Lane
    Toinette and the Elves - Susan Coolidge
    The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap. By Ruth Sawyer Durand
    A Story of the Christ-Child (a German Legend for Christmas Eve) - Elizabeth Harrison
    Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
    Why the Chimes Rang - Raymond McAlden
    The Birds'Christmas (founded on fact) - F.E. Mann
    The Little Sister's Vacation - Winifred M. Kirkland
    Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes - Francois Coppee, adapted and translated by Alma J. Foster
    Christmas in the Alley - Olive Thorne Miller
    A Christmas Star - Katherine Pyle
    The Queerest Christmas - Grace Margaret Gallaher
    Old Father Christmas - J.H. Ewing
    A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
    How Christmas Came to the Santa Maria Flats - Elia W. Peattie
    The Legend of Babouscka - From the Russian Folk Tale
    Christmas in the Barn - F. Arnstein
    The Philanthropist's Christmas - James Weber Linn
    The First Christmas-Tree - Lucy Wheelock
    The First New England Christmas - G.L. Stone and M.G. Fickett
    The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner - Charles Dickens
    Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six - Anne Hollingsworth Wharton
    Christmas Under the Snow - Olive Thorne Miller
    Mr. Bluff's Experience of Holidays - Oliver Bell Bunce
    Master Sandy's Snapdragon - Elbridge S. Brooks
    A Christmas Fairy - John Strange Winter
    The Greatest of These - Joseph Mills Hanson
    Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe - Elizabeth Harrison
    Big Rattle - Theodore Goodridge Roberts

    Christmas is coming. Download the app and read some beautiful Christmas tale s.

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