Classic English Detective



Arthur Conan Doyle and Gilbert Keith Chesterton are known as the masters of detective genre. However, just a few know the first one as the sole breadwinner for a big family, participant of a whale hunt, physician, participant of the Anglo-Boer War and World War I, author of a simple love story, and the latter as a poet, artist, religious thinker, playwright, literary critic and even a lecturer on the radio. Despite the interesting and productive lives and many achievements of both writers, they are especially appreciated by detective literature lovers. It is to them that modern men of letters owe the ability to create a flexible plot, perfect reasoning, to charm and intrigue the reader. Doyle’s detective is an intellectual and a man of logic. Chesterton's detective is an intuitionist. The detective stories of both have a few things in common - realistic images of everyday life and psychology, public relations and conflicts, romantic keenness of events and characters, fascination of an intellectual game. The detective stories are based on belief in the power of mind and assert the triumph of law over evil. To accompany you in the maze of intellectual game we give you a professional American actor Adam Maskin.

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