Combat Arms Guns (Free)



All weapons are divided into categories:
1) Assault Rifles
2) Sub Machine guns
3) Machine guns
4) Sniper Rifles
5) Pistols
6) Shotguns
7) Support Weapons
8) Melee Weapons
9) Weapons of Black Market
The application includes a user-friendly interface.
From the list of weapons in the table you can choose the gun and view it in full screen with the name of weapons.
By clicking on the "Up" will open a detailed description of the weapon with its characteristics:
1) The penetrating power
2) Portability of weapon
3) The Rate of fire
4) Accuracy
5) Recoil force
6) Firing Modes
Upgrade! Added mercenaries with their description - in the paid full version of this app.
Application autonomic and does not require an Internet connection.
Buy the paid full version of the application with the mercenaries and their description .

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