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    The application is an attempt to collect all utility commands at one place, for as many software, operating systems and other devices as possible. The application has over 2500 commands right now, including:

    Android Terminal Commands
    Apache Hadoop Commands
    Apple Siri Commands
    AutoCAD Commands
    AutoHotKey Commands
    BusyBox Commands
    CCNA Commands
    CD Burner XP Commands
    Chrome Developer Commands
    Chrome OS Hidden Crosh Shell Commands
    Chromium Command Line Switches
    Command Line API Commands
    CUPS Printer Commands
    DuckDuckGo Commands
    Eggdrop Commands
    Emacs Commands
    Fedora Linux Commands
    FileBot CLI Commands
    Firebug Commands
    FireFox Developer Tools
    Foxpro Commands
    FTP Commands
    GIT Commands
    GRUB Commands
    GTA In Game Admin Commands
    JavaScript Console Commands
    Liquibase Commands
    LISTSERV Commands
    Mac OS Commands
    Microsoft FTP Commands
    Minecraft Commands
    Mongo Database Commands
    Mongo Shell Commands
    Mozilla Command Line Options
    MS-DOS Commands
    MySQL Commands
    Nuget Commands
    Pidgin Commands
    Quake 3 Arena Console Commands
    Redis Commands
    Selenium Commands
    Skyrim Commands
    Sublime Text Commands
    SVN Commands
    Telnet Commands
    TrueCrypt Commands
    Ubuntu Commands
    Unix Commands
    Vi Commands
    Vim Commands
    Vimperator Commands
    Windows 7 Commands
    Windows Powershell Commands
    Windows Run Commands
    WinMerge Commands
    WireShark Commands
    WP-CLI Commands
    Yum Commands

    * Search in apps and commands
    * Add apps and commands to favorites
    * Option to share application information on Facebook
    * Post your quiz score on Facebook
    * Slide out drawer to quick pick the category for shortcuts.

    More commands will be added each week; please feel free to drop in your requests to help make the application more useful. The app also has a feature to play a quiz based on selected commands to help learn faster.

    Please note, the Commands Library application is no way associated with the applications included and is a collection of commands for reference only.

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