Common Childhood Maladies-FREE



Do you know what to do if your child gets hurt or becomes ill?

Learn To Identify What Illness Or Injury May Be Affecting Your Child and What You Should Do to Help Them!

Childhood should be a fun time for a child but there will be times when your child will get hurt or become ill. As a parent it's up to you to help them thru the rough times.

Introducing.. "Common Childhood Maladies"

Here's what you can get inside this guide:

Children and Stomach Pain
Food Allergies Can Be Common in Children
How to Determine if Your Child Has Eczema
Urinary Tract Infections and Your Child
Blisters, Calluses and Corns Affect Kids Too
Children and Swimmers Ear
Why Children are Prone to Ear Infections
Growing Pains Really Do Exist
Can You Keep Your Child From Getting a Cold?
Children and Cuts and Scrapes
How Children Get Pinworms
Will Your Kids Get Warts?
Your Child and the Dreaded Chicken Pox