Couch Potato Fitness Guide



What's the cause for such an alarming rate of failure when it comes to fitness programs and diets? It may not be the program's fault.

Everyday people make big plans to change their lifestyle and begin a fitness program, and only a week later, they have given up. Gym memberships are bought then never used. Diet programs are created but only followed a few days until the next craving hits. Sometimes, a great deal of expensive shopping from big-name brands is done for morning routines only to be used to lounge around the house. So what goes wrong?

When you hear about exercise routines and diet programs failing all around us, you start to lose faith in these programs. But in most cases, it isn't the diet's or workout's fault. It is the fault of the people who started the routine but didn't follow through to the end. Most people in this day and age expect results instantly. A magic pill, the ultimate diet, or even surgery are not the answer for a healthy lifestyle with the results their looking for. When someone quits an exercise program midway, they are not going to see the benefits.