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Psychology course for high schools and high schools. Psychology - is an evolving science, one of the most popular subjects in Russian universities. Competition for this specialty is huge, but despite this, every year hundreds of students learn to challenge the right of psychology. Among the vast body of literature on psychology, which lists are replenished every year, it is difficult to choose the necessary information. Well-read by a special technique developed to improve the digestibility of the material and increase the comfort of learning. The course is based on the program for higher educational institutions of Russia.

Course content:

1. Psychology as a science
2. Methods of Psychology
3. Consciousness and unconsciousness
4. The general concept of human personality
5. The basic psychological concepts of personality
6. Personality development
7. Typology of temperament
8. Nature
9. Accentuation of temperament and character
10. Abilities
11. Feelings
12. Classification perceptions
13. Forms, processes and types of memory
14. Features of creative thinking
15. The relationship of thought and speech
16. Imagination
17. Attention
18. The concept of feelings and emotions
19. Characteristics of basic human emotions
20. Will

This audiobook is in Russian.

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