David Hume Collection Books

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    This book contain collection of 7 books

    1. A Treatise of Human Nature [1739]
    2. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
    3. Enquiry into the Principles of Morals [1751]
    4. Of Suicide [1755, unpublished until 1777]
    5. The Natural History of Religion
    6. My Own Life [1776]
    7. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion [1779]

    About the Author
    David Hume, 1711-1776

    Philosopher and historian, second son of Joseph Hume, of Ninewells, Berwickshire, was born and educated in Edinburgh, and was intended for the law. For this, however, he had no aptitude, and commercial pursuits into which he was initiated in a counting-house in Bristol proving equally uncongenial, he was permitted to follow out his literary bent, and in 1734 went to France, where he passed three years at Rheims and La Flèche in study, living on a small allowance made him by his father. In 1739 he published anonymously his Treatise on Human Nature, which attracted little attention. Having returned to Scotland, he wrote at Ninewells his Essays, Moral and Philosophical (1741–42). He now became desirous of finding some employment which would put him in a position of independence, and having been unsuccessful in his candidature for the Chair of Moral Philosophy in Edinburgh, he became in 1745 governor to the Marquis of Annandale, a nobleman whose state was little removed from insanity. Two years later he accepted the more congenial appointment of Judge–Advocate-General to General St. Clair on his expedition to Port L’Orient, and in 1748 accompanied him on a diplomatic mission to France, whence he passed on to Vienna and Turin.

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