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Before we start on the subject matter, a few lines explaining why divorce is to be prevented (to the extent possible), will be appropriate. Is it really a social crime for a couple, incompatible with each other, separate by mutual consent in pursuit of happiness? No, but the above situation is idealistic with a capital "I" and almost never happens. Divorces come with bitter words and harsh actions on part of both spouses, and human relationships being increasingly complex; the same soon forms a vicious cycle.

**In this section you will know about different aspects of Divorce and the impact on society**

* What is (Divorce) and how it impact the life of two souls ?

* How many Types of Divorce are there.

* What is Divorce Log and how it is important for couples ?

* Responsibility of of Mom and Dad towards their children.

* How to install discipline in a child who come to know about the separation of his/her parents ?

* How misconceptions are related to the Divorce ?

* How they affect the life of couples.

* There are states where there are courts for Divorce Laws.

* Importance of Checklist For Post Divorce Task in the life of couples.

* How important is Divorce Dating for couples ?

* Can someone help ! Is there any way to avoid divorce.

* There are many Divorce app available in on the web and couples are using for Divorce purpose.

* There are laws which are support Divorce .

* Divorce Calendar-Divorces can be messy. At their best, a divorce is an exhausting process that requires a lot of time and effort from both parties involved.

* There are institutions which are helping couples in (divorce recovery) or (divorce support )

* Divorce Care a caring group of people who walk alongside through one of life’s most difficult experiences Divorce.

* Divorce Check - How ?

* Divorce Dating does it helps ?

( Note : Divorce Quotes - This app doesn’t have any relevant information )

This App is a complete package of information , guidelines , suggestions why divorce is not be taken place & if does then how to tackle it in a best way...

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