Dracula by Bram Stoker - ENG




    This is a world famous story (written by Bram Stoker in 1897) has made the name Dracula synonymous with vampires. Many writers both in his times and later have tried to produce works similar to his, but his story is inimitable and he seems to have combined almost all possible situations needed to make a really masterpiece.

    The narrative is in the form of letters as a means of communication between various characters in the novel. We are told in the beginning that Jonathan Harker, a junior partner in a firm of solicitors is sent by his senior to Transylvania to meet up with a certain Count Dracula to negotiate for certain property matters. On the way to the castle he sees many strange and scary sights. The Count has sent his coachman to collect Jonathan and take him to Castle Dracula. On the way the driver gets out and is not traceable for some time.

    Jonathan Harker looks out and sees that they are surrounded by wolves. The horses get very jumpy and even he is paralyzed with fear. Then the coachman returns and with his commanding voice and wave of hand seems to exert such a command over the wolves that it leaves Jonathan both in awe and dread.

    They arrive at the castle and are greeted by a tall, thin, clean- shaven old man with a white moustache clad all in black and looking unusually pale. He introduces himself as the Count and tells him to enter freely and at his own will. Jonathan finds the house looking desolate and eerie. He is told that he would find his meals waiting for him each day as he Count would not be able to dine with him everyday. Over dinner Jonathan notices that his host has unusually sharp teeth protruding over remarkably ruddy lips. The Count tells him to sleep as late as he pleases as he will be away all of the next day and will only return the following evening.

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