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These offline Dutch Oven recipes are the ultimate campfire treat. With over 500 culinary camping cuisines, this small app is PACKED with tricks and recipes you can whip up over the camp fire in your cast iron cookery. From cobbler to full-fledged meals these recipes were written by some of the world’s leading outdoor cooking enthusiasts.
When it comes to camp cooking, the Dutch oven is the workhorse of the campsite. What is a Dutch oven? It is an extra-heavy cast iron pot that is suitable for stovetop or camp use. These hard-working pots are the perfect tool for slow-simmered soups and braises, as well as a LOT of recipes that will surprise you !
Cook chicken braised in milk and garlic, whip up spiced apple butter, quickly create homemade no-knead bread with an unbelievably crisp crust and much much more. Download this app and grab your Dutch Oven and prepare to amaze.

Equipped with these Dutch oven recipes you are ready to genuinely impress your palette and your fellow campers. Put together by fellow campers, scouts and the original outdoor enthusiasts. These are the tricks that will make you not only the camp cook , but will make you the hero of any family outing.
Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag and cook fish over a fire the easy way. Tons of surprises.
Recipes can be added to favorites for later so your fingertips won’t get tired.
Easily search recipes by ingredient - Build meals around your favorite taste or find your favorite meal.
Text database is small and in-memory efficient so you don’t have to eat up those online minutes or your phones limited space.
Share recipes with your friends and family.
Submit your own recipes along with links to your cooking site.
Download this app today and always have camping recipes with you on any campsite you visit.
Simple to navigate with a user friendly interface.

You can’t go wrong with this app. Add your own recipes and share it with the whole family.

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