Earth's Greatest Mysteries



Myths from the depths of time that hint of other, far more Ancient civilizations. Bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies.

Tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging great wars against each other, wars that were fought with fantastic and devastating weapons.

Remains of immensely ancient and enigmatic structures of unknown origin. Amazing pyramids, megalithic stone cities and magnificent structures of intricate difficulty, built in ways that are utterly unknown to us.

Strange and incongruous artifacts built by amazing and unknown technology.

Cave paintings depicting seemingly impossible scenes. The fulfillment of dark prophecies

and much much more!

Fact or Fiction?

You Decide.

Table of Contents


Enigma & Conspiracy


Riddles from the Past

The Piri Reis Map of 1513

The Orontius Fineus Map of 1531

The Bauche Map of 1737

The Franco Rosselli Map of 1508

The Mercater Map of 1538

The Egyptian Pyramid

Aztec Earplugs?

The Lost Necklace

The Mysterious Metal Vase

The Puma Punka Stone

The Nasca Lines

The Ica Stones

Ancient Nanotechnology

A 500,000 year old Spark Plug

Stone Age Modern Hand Tools

A Fossilized Human Handprint

An Ancient Calculator?


An Iron Pot in Coal

Evidence of Advanced Medical Knowledge

A Petrified Human Skull

Ancient Electricity

An Ancient X-Ray Machine

A Fossilized Human Shoeprint

The Dropa Stones

A Fossilized Human Finger

A Brass Bell in Coal

The Rhodesian Man

A Pillar of much too Pure Iron

2.8 Billion year old Metal Spheres

The Crystal Skulls

The Nampa Image

The Dogon

The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica

The Lanzhou Stone

The Colorado Pavement

The Kentucky Pavement

A Fruit that really shouldn't exist

Loose Ends


Of Lost Explorers and Ancient Mysteries

A Lost Frontier

Fawcett's Tale

Impossible Buildings

Softening Stone with Plant Extracts


A Valley of Kings

The Giza Valley Complex

The Great Pyramid

The Sphinx

Investigations of the Facts

The Date or not the Date?

Stone Synthesis according to the Ancients

Modern Techniques for Synthesizing Limestone


The Death of a God

The Broken God

A Dragon Whips its Tail

Strange Connections

Part Two:



The Lost Lands

A Sunken World

The Golden Empire

Possible Physical Evidence

Great Southern Land

Tracing the Outline


The Case for Ancient Flight

The Story of Icarus and Daedalus






The Amazing Vymaanika-Shaastra


The Remapping of Prehistory

Fact vs. Fiction?

Door Number Three

Wings in the Night

The Dragons of St. George

Gradualism vs. Cataclysm

The Flipping of the Mill


The Tale of the Sumerians

The Art of Translation

In the Real Beginning

The Epic of Creation

Tales of Gods and Men

After the Deluge

The Downfall of Kings


The Maya

The Story of the Maya

The Luck of Cortez


Part Three:



Creation Connections

Connecting the Dots

Manco Capac & The Golden Wand

The Lost Mines of the Gods


The Signs of War

The Evidence for Ancient Advanced Weaponry

Castles of Glass

The Radioactive Skeletons of India

The Shattered Desert


The Harpoon of Horus

The Mysterious Sinai


The Grand Deception

The Cover Up in Motion

A Mosaic of History

The Politics of Control

Of Hobbits, Dinosaurs & Alphabets


Forgotten Codes

The Great Puzzle

Science and Religion

Divine Codes



A God of Science & Numbers

Our Newest Neighbor

A New Doctrine

Part Four:


Appendix 1.

A History in Myth

Appendix 2.

The Enuma Elish

Appendix 3.

The Mayan Calendar

Appendix 4.

The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

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