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    Instant legal eBooks on all your devices. Read Adobe Digital
    Editions and Adobe DRM eBooks as well as standard PDF documents
    on your smartphone, tablet pc or desktop computer.

    Simple and fast management of all your eBooks in one place or
    plain vanilla reading: This free tradebit reader tool gives you
    freedom and power for all your reading needs. Synchronizes your
    bookmarks from PC to phone to tablet to the cloud, if you like!

    Easily import new eBooks and documents. Migrate when you need to.

    This app will lock you in by giving you the ultimate freedom for
    your eBooks, PDFs, manuals, tutorials, reference books.

    Choose from over 400,000 commercial bestsellers or thousands
    of free eBooks in 4 languages, manage your library on all devices,
    share your interests with your friends
    on facebook or twitter.

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