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eBook Reader is a free and easy to use application for reading your favorite books right on your device. With the built-in online bookstore you get the access to the full catalog of Arabic and Urdu books.

You can browse a huge catalog of eBooks including best-sellers, new releases and classics. Through this featured Application you can read and download thousands of eBooks. You can Also import from your SD card.

Features Of This App:
●Turn pages with a tap or swipe
● Never lose your place in the book
● Easy navigation inside the book
● You can create your own bookmarks anywhere in the book
● Day and night profiles (two sets of colors, background, back-light levels).
● Comfortable and customizable reading experience
● Font type, color, size, margin, night mode, etc.
● Set brightness
● Share with friends
● Download Books from an online library
● Jump To, you can jump to any page
● Background colors can be customized
● RGB color palette, to pick desired color
● Complete support to read Arabic Books
● Complete support to read Urdu Books

☻ In settings, there is an option (Custom Arabic Support) (By Default: It is already set 'OK') But if your phone already supports Arabic Language then you have to 'Unchecked' this to proper display your text.

Usage of this Feature eBook Reader:
» Read Urdu Books
» History Books Reader
» Islamic Books Reading
» Read Literature Books
» Students Syllabus Books

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