EE Basics



EE Basics contains a large selection of Electrical Engineering laws, equations, tables and reference material that Electrical Engineers may find useful during their work.

Table of Contents:
Amps and Wire Gauge - 12V Circuit
Asynchronous Motors - Electrical Data
AWG - American Wire Gauge and Circular Mils
AWG to square mm Wire Gauge Conversion
Circuit Wiring - Single Phase (230V) Electrical Motors
Circuit Wiring - Three Phase (230 and 460V) Electrical Motors
CM - Circular Mil Area
Converting from NEMA to IEC Enclosure Classifications
Copper Wire
Electrical Formulas
Electrical Motor
- Full Load Current
- Efficiency
- Frame Dimensions
- Locked Rotor
- Efficiency Ratings
- Hp and Amps
- HP, Torque and RPM
- Insulation Classes
- Starting Devices
- Heat Loss
Electrical Units
Electrode Potential and Galvanic Corrosion
Frequency and Speed of Electrical Motors
IEC - NEMA Standard Torques
IEC Duty Cycles
Inductors - Energy Stored
IP - Ingress Protection Ratings
Kirchhoff's Laws
Motor Wiring Data - 480 Volt
NEMA A, B, C and D Design
NEMA Electrical Enclosure Types
NEMA Enclosure Standards of Electrical Motors
NEMA Insulation Classes
Nema Starters
Parallel Circuits
Potential Divider
Power and Horsepower in Electrical Motors
Power Factor for a Three-Phase Electrical Motor
Rechargeable Batteries
Resistance and Resistivity
Resistivity, Conductivity and Temperature Coefficients
Series Circuits
Service Factor
Single Phase Power Equations
Slip in Electrical Induction Motors
Speed of Electrical Motors with operating Loads
Synchronous and Full Load Speed
Synchronous Speed of Electrical Motors
Three Phase Power Equations
Three-Phase Electrical Motors
Torques in Electrical Induction Motors
Variable-Frequency Drives
Voltage Drop
Voltage Imbalance and Derating Factor
Wire Gauges

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