Embroidery Stitch Tool, Vol. 2



With Volume 2 (the intermediate app), you can continue on your journey with Judith to learn more about floral and freeform stitching. From braids and roses to spiderwebs and snail trails—you’ll enjoy practicing more than 50 fancier stitches. Great tips on color choices, ribbon and thread storage are also included.

Over 20 minutes of video showcasing Judith's expert techniques and color secrets.

Note: The video content included in this app will download once you install and open the app for the first time. Due to the high-quality video, the file size of the videos are approximately 175MB, which can take a while to download depending on your internet speed.
***If there is enough internal memory on your device, the app will install using the internal memory. You can move the app to external memory or SD card anytime by navigating to: Settings=>Applications=>Manage Applications=>=>Move to SD Card***

Stitches Included (left and right handed):
Arrowhead Stitch Stacked
Backstitch Threaded
Basque Stitch
Braid Stitch
Bullion Rose
Bullion Rosebud
Buttonhole Stitch Circle
Buttonhole Stitch Detatched
Buttonole Stich Triangle
Buttonhole Stitch Up And Down
Cast-On Stitch Flower
Chain Rose
Chain Stitch Crochet
Chain Stitch Flower Detatched
Chain Stitch Open
Chain Stitch Rosette
Chain Stitch Russian
Chain Stitch Spiny
Chinese Knot Looped
Chinese Knot Peking Knot
Cretan Stitch Video
Cretan Stitch Decorative
Cross Stitch Flower
Double knot
Eyelets freeform
Feather Stitch leaf
Fishbone Stitch
Flat Stitch
Fly Stitch Leaf
Herringbone Stitch Laced
Judith’s Knotted Flowers
Lazy Daisy Stitch Bullion Tip
Leaf Stitch
Long And Short Stitch
Loop Stitch Thread
Magic Chain Band Stitch
Needleweaving Bar Stitch
Net Stitch
Overcast Stitch
Oyster Stitch
Palestrina Knot
Pekinese Stitch
Portuguese Knotted Stem
Raised Straight Stitch
Rambler Rose
Rosette Stitch
Scroll Stitch
Sheaf Stitch
Snail Trail Stitch
Spider Web Backstitch
Star Filling Stitch
Stem Stitch Poruguese
String Of Pearls Stitch
Turkey-Work Stitch
Van Dyke Stitch
Wheat Ear Stitch
Wool Rose
Wool Rosebud
Woven Picot Stitch

Videos Included:
Choosing Thread Video
Color Advice Video
Color Temperature Video
Cretan Stitch Video
Montano Color Secrets Video
Nymo Thread Video
Quilter's Knot Video
Storing Thread Video
Stripping Thread Video
Threading Up Video

Judith Baker Montano is an accomplished fiber artist, teacher and author. As her work continues to evolve, crazy quilting always appears in her new designs—she has turned it into a contemporary art form.

Due to the high-quality video and illustration content contained in this app, the file size is approximately 175MB which can take a while to download.

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