English in traffic. Part 1



Learn English in traffic. Part 1. "English in traffic" unites the world's best method of teaching foreign languages ​​and involves the gradual memorizing new words and phrases, with a gradual increase in the complexity and real conversational focus. The course is suitable for initial training and for those who want to restore their knowledge. The full course consists of 8 audio parts and is the most complete to date rate of "driving" the English language. You will hear the words and phrases in Russian and in English followed - all well-read Russian and English speakers. We can not promise the impossible - one course, whatever it may be, is not enough to to master a foreign language. But if you listen to the course only 15 minutes a day, a month later your vocabulary grow significantly and will allow you to understand and construct simple sentences in English. In the creation of the course was attended by Professor University of Liverpool (School of English), University of Leeds. Audio Course material is organized by topics from the mundane (greetings, month, date, time) to the more complex.

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