English on the road. Int.

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    Dear customers, this audio book is intended for those who speak English at the secondary level, wants to develop their skills further, or support the results already achieved. The course is designed for use in any situation, when you have the opportunity to a hearing. At the heart of the course are the dialogues average, contested fully British, and comments to them in Russian. During the course you will learn many useful phrases and turns of speech that can be useful in real life situations, such as talking to people, interviewing for employment, buying a car, rental, passport control and many others. Simultaneous literal Russian translation, comments to the most important search phrases, make our policy clear and well-remembered. Catching up on our allowance, you will expand your vocabulary, improve your perception of foreign language listening, develop their own spoken language. 10:00 sound audio support, 2 foreign speaker (male and female voice, one hundred percent British), analysis of important phrases and comments to them in Russian, voiced interpretation of dialogues in Russian, English, English-Russian and Russian-English versions sound dialogues . © IDDK.

    Tags: road reference