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Introducing.. "Exercise Without Effort"

Here's What You Can Get Inside This Guide:

Effortless Exercise Begins with Stretching
How Housework Keeps You in Shape
Cleaning Your Home to Stay Fit
Move Furniture for Fitness
Playing Sports in Your Living Room
Don't Exercise - Take the Kids to the Park Instead
A Fun Day at the Park Can Keep You Fit
Can a Trip to the Mall Keep You in Shape?
Window Shopping to Lose Weight
How to Park Your Car for Fitness

Staying Fit with Friends
Effortless Walking for Fun and Exercise
Double up Your Workouts Effortlessly
Hiking Your Way Healthy
Can You Walk to Work?
Breathe Your Weight Trim
Skip the Exercise by Skipping the Sugar
Getting Fit with the Glycemic Index
Effortlessly Boost Your Metabolism with Supplements
Do You Want to Cut Weight? Ride the Bull

Get out Your Bicycle for Fun and Exercise
Weightlifting without Lifting Weights
Mountain Biking to Stay in Shape
Stay Fit with Deep Breathing Exercises
Got Exercise? Get Rest

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