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Exoplanet Guide is probably the most complete exoplanet data reference for Android phones.

It is based on the database published by the Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo.

Planets for which sufficient data is not currently available (such as missing mass or semi-major axis) are filtered out, but may show up with future database updates. The database can be updated online.

One of the key features is the graphical representation of the habitable zone of a parent star. Exoplanet Guide comes with a fully featured star chart plotting stars down to magnitude 6.4 plus all Messier objects!

Export all exoplanets with illustrations to KMZ format for use with Google Sky (part of Google Earth for the desktop) and explore with the convenience of a larger screen.

The Kepler Field of View overlay changes automatically with Kepler's seasonal rotation (subtle changes, though).


Search Functions:
* Scrolling and picking from the list
* Enter a planet name with auto-complete
* Narrow down to specific characteristics

Data Categories (where available):
* Current position
* Visibility
* Planet data
* Host star data
* Catalog cross-reference
* Star Atlas pages
* Multi-planet system display

Essential Functions:
* Online update of the exoplanet database
* Data display with artist's concept image
* Current azimuth, altitude and rise/transit/set times
* Graphical representation of the HBZ
* Scalable planet orbit simulation
* HBZ Calculator
* Cartesian view of exoplanet stars
* Planet exploration timeline
* Planet discovery stories
* Export to KML for Google Sky
* Portrait and landscape modes
* Help in Menu/Settings

Star Chart Features
* Star chart images can be saved for documentation
* Adjustable field of view
* Selectable star magnitude limit
* Move to other sky positions
* Reset to exoplanet coordinates
* Seasonal Kepler Field overlay

Google Sky Export
Please try it:
Go to: http://www.google.com/sky/
and enter
into the Search field.

Galaxy Precident SCH-M828C and similarly small phones not supported.
Please contact the author if you have pre-sales questions.

Location: GPS (optional) for computing visibility and rise/set time.
Card Access: for move to SD with databases
Internet: for online database update

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