Fairy tales and Fables Vol 2



Routledge's Shilling Toy Books Vol 2 - Beautiful rare illustrated nursery rhymes, fairy tales and fables. Many of our most cherished childhood memories recall the pleasure of sitting in a big comfy chair while a doting parent reads from a lovingly illustrated picture book. "Sleeping beauty", "Tom Thumb," "Little Bo Peep", " Tittums & Fido", "The Pet Lamb"--"the colorful illustrations that decorated the pages of these stories remain forever captured in the memory.

These nursery rhymes, fairy tales and fables reawaken the joys of childhood reading, of seeing a story come alive in words and pictures on the printed page. Drawing upon a extraordinary collection of Victorian-era illustrated books published as "Routledge's Shilling Toy Books." This app

Sleeping beauty.

Tom Thumb

The Pet Lamb

Tittums & Fido

Little Bo Peep