Family Beach Fun

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    This application is intended to help make family time at the beach more meaningful and enjoyable by offering a variety of inspiring craft and game suggestions, providing in-app puzzles and games for car trips and rainy days and even linking to the wider world of beach craft enthusiasts via Pinterest. If you are looking for ways to involve your entire family in creative endeavors, if you enjoy crafts that evoke a quieter and simpler time and if you want to create treasured memories in the form of original family art made from natural finds like shells and rocks, then you will enjoy this app.
    This app provides families with 19 beach-inspired activites. These include art projects, food to make, and games inspired by nature. The crafts employ materials that are inexpensive to obtain and rely on skills that are easy to master. Traditional “camp” crafts like sand candles and stenciled T-shirts accompany more unusual projects like dream catchers, plaster casting and spy tins. A selection of games features classics like spoons, flashlight tag and treasure hunts. Families can also learn to make fun foods like pigs in a blanket and s'mores. Both adults and kids can enjoy enriching activities like nature hunts and animal charades.
    In addition to the activities there are some built-in features that will be useful to a family at the beach. There are two games perfect for killing time in the car: a memory game featuring beautiful nature images and a slide puzzle where players slide pieces of a fantastic sand castle around to try to complete the puzzle.
    Also there is a link to an online pinterest board featuring amazing sand castle-inspired art and architecture.