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The Making A Feature Film is about making your very first feature film from scratch.

It covers topics such as pre-production as well as getting setup and creating your movie on a limited budget.

Also covered is the production process and everything that goes along with that massive project.

The production section really helps the reader to get a grasp on how to efficiently and affordably produce his or her own feature film.

Lastly, it goes over postproduction and how to finalize your project to turn it into a full blow feature film.

It closes with a brief synopsis of starting distribution of your independently created film and where to start getting the word out.

Over all this is about how to create a feature film and do so on a budget which would be ideal for students or first time film makers.

Here’s what you can learn:

Film-making on a Limited Budget
3 Pieces of Essential Sound Equipment
4 Tips to Picking the Best Film School for You
5 Tips to Creating the Best Feature Film Ever
Average Length of Feature Film Scripts
Best Time of Year to Shoot Your Feature Film
Choosing a Good School – Is It Necessary to Make a Feature Film?
Developing Characters to Ensure a Hit Film
Ensuring the Success of Your Feature Film with Actors
Essential Tips to Shoot the Best Film of Your Career
Following the Schedule of Film Maker Success
Getting Your Next Feature Film Script off the Ground
Is Professional Equipment Necessary to Create a Feature Film?
Is Software Necessary in Feature Film Creation?
Lighting Tips for Feature Films
Making Appropriate Sound Equipment Choices
Managing the Feature Film Script to Be Successful
Organizing Your Film Shoot in 4 Easy Steps
Protecting Legal Rights During Filming Your Feature Film
Recording Your Next Feature Film with Professional Results
Script Issues – Write Yourself or Find a Writer
To Show or Not to Show – Deciding if Your Feature Film Should be Shared
Ultimate Ideas Exposed – 3 of the Top Suggestions You Will Find
Ultimate Suggestions to Creating Night Scenes in a Feature Film
Where to Spend Money When Creating A Feature Film

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