Finding Your Roots



How to Shake Up Your Family Tree and Discover What Falls From the Branches!

Have You Ever Wondered Where You Got Your Blue Eyes?
Are the Stories About Your Great-Great-Grandparents Fading Away?
Wish You Could Travel Back in Time to Explore Your Heritage?

Get the Answers to Those and More Burning Questions and Preserve Your Family History for Years to Come!

Dear Reader,
Chances are that you’ve pondered on at least one of those questions on occasion. Learning about our roots seems to be a natural human desire. We have this natural curiosity to learn everything we can about our history not
Relying on siblings to provide anecdotal memories shared when you were all children is not a comprehensive solution when you are trying to put together a factual report.
Why is that?
The best answer lies in a game that we all played as children. It’s the game where you assemble a circle of children then whisper something in the ear of one child. He or she, in turn, whisper the comment in the ear of the next child and so on.
Now, every child had the best of intentions in presenting the comment accurately. Yet, by the time the comment is whispered all around the circle it is usually a totally convoluted story! Each of those children changed just a word or two and presented it from their perspective.
That doesn’t make any of them right or wrong. It just portrays how we all perceive something subjectively rather than objectively.
How do you fix it?

Well, you need to find out how to research and preserve our personal family history. That’s not to say that the anecdotal stories are out of place merely that you begin to merge the subjectivity with fact.
Genealogy is the method you should use to discover everything you can about your ancestors, recent and ancient. The challenge is that many people have no idea about where to begin, let alone conduct the research necessary to ferret out the facts.

But I don’t know where to begin?

Well, that changes here and now. We are pleased and proud to introduce you to “Finding Your Roots” a comprehensive guide to genealogy. This guide includes everything you need to know in order to begin the search for your roots!
Not only will you learn how to search out information about your family, you will also find a complete chapter dedicated to searching international records.
One of the most difficult tasks is tracing Native American Ancestry. We also give you pertinent help when seeking that information including how to avoid scams when doing so.
Add that to spellbinding discussion of names and their symbolism and the study of coat of arms and you have one jam-packed resource in “Finding Your Roots.”
The chapter on information gathering alone is absolutely outstanding! We also teach you how to use the Internet to your advantage including a list of the genealogy search engines. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of no cost resources out there to help you in your search.
Once you’ve accomplished the task you set out to do take your result and gift your family members with your complete research. Not only will that help to preserve your family history you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have given them a one of a kind treasure.