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Flight 101


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This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts of Flight by following snack sized chapters:

The Four Forces:

•The Four Forces
•The Four Forces in Action Decides the Direction of Flight

Axes of Rotation:

•Axes of Rotation
•3 - Dimensional Geometry
•The Yaw Axis
•The Pitch Axis
•The Roll Axis
•Aerodynamic Forces
•Symmetric Airfoil
•Banking Turn


•How Lift is generated?
•The Wing Design
•Lift Coefficient
•Factors Affecting the Lift

Airplane Parts:

•Parts of an Airplane
•Flaps and Slats


•Parts of a Jet Engine
•Turbine Engine in Action


•Flight Speed
•Mach number
•Subsonic Speed
•Transonic Speed
•Supersonic Speed
•Hypersonic Speed

Basic Flight Maneuvers:

•Basic Flight Maneuvers
•Descending/ Diving
•Banked Turns

Physics of Flight:

•Physics of Flight
•Aircraft Range
•Maximum Time Aloft
•Lift to Drag Ratio
•Thrust to Weight Ratio

Turbulence and Ash:

•Clear- Air Turbulence
•Turbulence during Storms
•Turbulence Over Mountains
•Volcanic Ash

Space Flight:

•The Space Flight
•Types of Spaceflight
•How Space Flight Works?
•Orbits and Satellites
•Reaching Space: Delta-V
•Escape Velocity
•Calculating Escape Velocity
•Launch Pads

Space Shuttle:

•Space Shuttle Introduction
•Parts of the Space Shuttle
•A Typical Mission
•Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs)
•Main Engine
•External Fuel Tank¬
•Orbital Maneuvering Systems

Space Shuttle Mission:

•Details of the Space Shuttle Mission
•Step 1
•Step 2
•Step 3
•Step 4
•Step 5
•Step 6
•Step 7
•Step 8
•Step 9
•Step 10
•Step 11

Aviation Glossary:
•V, W, and Y.

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