Fly Fishing for Beginners




    Fly Fishing for Beginners app, learn the basics to same more advance methods of fly fishing. This app includes formats in, eBook (with lots of photos), videos and audio podcast. Plus latest news and 5 fly fishing experts blog feeds, wiki and 2 photo albums. Live updates, the info in this

    app never gets older, the blogs are updated often, new video's are uploaded weekly and new podcast are added when avaliable.

    eBook - Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners
    Video channel 1- Fly Fishing Tips
    Video channel 2 - Fly Fishing Basics
    Audio podcast - Fly Fishing for Dummies
    Audio podcast - Fly Fishing Guide

    Some topics covered in eBook:

    Holding your Rod Effectively
    What do to with a Running Fish
    Best Bait Choices
    Types of Reels
    Tying Effective Knots
    Protecting your Fly Line
    Types of Fly Lines
    Pinching your Hooks
    Basic Tools for Tying Flies
    Tying your Fly to the Tippet
    Rods and Guides
    Learn to Read the Water
    Standard Casting
    Roll Casting
    Reach Casting
    Shooting Line Casting
    The Technique of “Mending the Line”
    Using a Hauling Technique
    Match the Length of your Tippet to the Hole
    Using a Slow-Action Rod
    Fishing Etiquette – The Right of Way
    Sticking with the Basics
    What is Essential Gear?
    The Size of your Flies
    When to Fish
    Finding the Snags
    Dry Fly or Wet Fly?
    Trout Habits
    The Importance of Reading the Stream
    Identifying Pools
    Identifying the Runs
    Identifying Rises
    Fly Fishing for Trout – Undercut Banks
    Fishing Upstream
    Using a Landing Net
    Storing your Rod
    Getting that Bonus Strike
    Fishing Near White Rocks
    Large Predator Fish and Low Light

    This amazing web app never gets old, by constantly updated news, video, audio, wiki and blog feeds in "real-time" all at an instance notice right at your fingertips, don't spend hours searching the web when your have this powerful fan app installed.

    No email sign-up needed or asked for to start using this app. Also there is no email list to join. No hassle and fast install.

    ***Note: Some playlists in this app are huge! and may take 5 - 10 seconds to load on a good G4/Wi-Fi connection

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