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Foundry Dictionary

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    Now with the 5th language! - RUSSIAN

    The Foundry Dictionary is the unique and extensive masterpiece by the renowned publisher Fachverlag Schiele & Schön. It covers more than 10.000 keywords each in German, English, French, Italian and Russian. Even in the foundry industry, where foreign technical terms are common, the App is a great convenience when sitting in a conference or reading international professional articles. Consequently it is the ideal reference book for students and professionals.

    - Numerous definitions of the important processes and techniques of the foundry industry.
    - Terms are in alphabetical order in each language.
    - Each term is linked with the corresponding term of the other three languages.
    - Automatic search starts after entering the 2nd character.
    - No internet connection needed. After the download the dictionary can be used on your smartphone or tablet without any further charges.
    - Missing terms can be sent to the publishing house and will be considered for the next update.

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