Furniture Guide for Minecraft

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    * Furniture Guide For Minecraft!.

    Ever thought why your house and garden look so empty in *Minecraft? Have you ever wondered how to make your house and grounds more welcoming? Well, Blitzingninja's 'Furniture Guide for *Minecraft' could be your solution.

    In this app you will discover nearly 50 different pieces of furniture, indoor and outdoor, which you can create in *Minecraft with instructions on how to build them!

    Some have tutorial videos. How good is that?

    This is the second app from myself (Blitzingninja) and I am humbled by the response from my followers, with over 8000 downloads for my 'Potion Guide for *Minecraft' in the last few months, the vast majority of ratings being 5 stars.

    I am sure therefore you will agree that this app is worth a couple of bucks with so much constructive content.

    Finally, the YouTube videos are best viewed in landscape mode with the screen maximised.

    *This app is not created by Mojang, nor is it affiliated, or supported by them in any way, shape or form.* (Mojang is the company who created *Minecraft.)