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Need the Arabic dictionary ?

Congratulations you find the Gamoos Arabic dictionary software , it is your mobile software that you need it.

The Gamoos Arabic dictionary software features:
1.The first trilingual Arabic, Chinese, English translation dictionary software;
2. support the query results of text messages sent;
3.Display the search results quickly based on user input, support list quickly display the query results and default explain;
4.Support the words of history words this is not found in words such as records and synchronization capabilities;
5.Support the scene dialogue ("New Times Arabic dialogue") all the details;
6. Thesaurus, the local built-in thesaurus include Arabic-Chinese,Chinese-Arabic,English-Arabic,Arabic-English etc;
7. Nearly 500,000 entries networking can also query, caring for you to save traffic.
8.Rich situational dialogues: Contains dozens of scenes, nearly a thousand sessions covering multiple themes; learn five minutes a day to help you swim in the Arab world;
9.Convenient Notepad;
10 Translator: Youdao translation and Bing online translation Engine;
11.The user can improve the entry, one for all, all for one common thesaurus brick by Tim Watts.

Usage scenarios:
2.Pilgrimage of Muslims.
3. Arabic worker.
4 professional translators.
5 Students.

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