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    Interested in developing a thriving garden around your yard at your home? The first step is to consider the zone gardening method or scheme. Through the zone gardening method, you place different types of plants together in such a manner that they will benefit each other as they grow. The zone gardening method is gaining in popularity in many parts of the world.

    At the heart of the zone gardening method or scheme is the division of your entire yard and garden into different zones. Divide your garden into areas. For example, have an area for herbs, another for vegetables, another for flowers, another for bushes and so on. This type of gardening plan requires planning on your part but you will find the process actually very satisfying.

    There are a number of benefits to be realized through the zone gardening method or theme. One, this type of garden plans helps you to better manage your overall gardening program. Your vegetable plants and flowering plants and herbs and so forth each have different cultivation requirements. By planting them in zones, you will be better able to meet the nutritional and related needs of these various types of plants.