General Psychology



We offer you a full course of lectures on general psychology, which reads in the Voronezh branch of the Moscow Humanitarian-Economical Institute, Prof. V. Scerbatihs. The course "General psychology" lays the theoretical foundation of psychological knowledge in various fields.


1. Psychology as a science
2. Concept and philosophy ontogenesis of the psyche
3. Brain and mind
4. methods of Psychology
5. feeling
6. perception
7. Submissions
8. memory
9. thinking
10. imagination
11. speech
12. attention
13. Emotional sphere of human
14. Psychological foundations of human adaptation
15. mental status
16. psychological stress
17. will
18. Motivational sphere of human
19. consciousness
20. Unconscious mechanisms of the psyche
21. personality
22. temperament
23. nature
24. Self-concept of personality
25. communication
26. conflicts
27. Psychology of

This audiobook is in Russian.

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