Gods Power At Work In You



Every child of God begins his or her spiritual pilgrimage as a babe in Christ. But it is one thing to "be" in Christ, and quite another to become all that he has created us to be. God's power is at work in you, transforming, developing, and helping you to grow. Anderson and Saucy describe both what this means and how it happens: A changed relationship with God; Making the new "you" real; God's part and yours in spiritual growth; Renewing your mind; Growing in holiness; Spiritual growth and spiritual warfare; If you are frustrated at your lack of progress in the spiritual life, or are struggling a lot with temptation and sin, or want to be more consistent in your spiritual growth...God's Power at Work in You offers clear, accessible teaching to help you transform failures into victories. This is an abridged version of The Common Made Holy.

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