Growing Fruit Trees

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    Growing Fruit Trees

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    There are many compelling reasons why you might want to grow a fruit tree or trees in your front or back yard. Ideally, it is because you want to taste fruit fresh from the tree. There is nothing like the experience of biting into a freshly picked apple, cherry, peach or pear.

    If you plant your own fruit tree, you have control over such things as variety. You can choose an unusual variety of fruit not usually found in the store. Stores tend to stick to the more popular or obvious choices.

    You can also ensure the fruit trees are free from heavy use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical products.

    Another reason to grow your own fruit tree is the beauty and distinctiveness it can add to your garden.

    # Fruit Tree Fundamentals
    # Factoring In The Environment
    # Purchasing Your Fruit Tree
    # You’ve Planted The Tree, Now What? Care Of Fruit Trees
    # The Kindest Cut Of All - Pruning
    # Propagation

    Owning a fruit tree is not as simple as having a vegetable or flower garden. If you want to have more than another pretty tree, you will have to understand the science of fruit trees.

    The logistics of planting, growing, maturing, pollinating and reproduction are more complex than the average annual or perennial plant. Your efforts are well worth it, and the tree will grace your garden with its beauty, its grace and its bounty.

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