Guide To Salt Water Aquariums



This is a detailed guide on how to begin a salt water aquarium. It explores the salt water hobby from equipment set up all the way to understanding water parameters. It also includes a guide with pictures of various corals and other invertebrates and care tactics so that your corals and invertebrates will thrive.

To help make calculations needed in the reef hobby easy a volume calculator and lumen calculator can help tremendously . You can input the size of your aquarium and it will calculate how many gallons will be needed to fill the aquarium. The lumen calculator will give you the amount of lighting required for the tank size.

Can't remember when you did a water change or what your last water parameters were. You can record notes in the journal to keep track of your reef keeping and feeding habits for fish and other invertebrates.

Keep track of your weekly or daily tank parameters. Store ph, calcium, salinity and water temperature to keep close tabs on any changes to the aquarium.

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